Ridge Racer

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Ridge Racer is classic racing game. The game came out around 1993. It was in the arcade back than. The game went on PlayStation around 1994 in Japan and came to US around 1995. It one of the first racing games went on PlayStation. In this game there a few racing tracks and few cars. There no save game in this game. This game is really hard. This game is not easy like the other racing games we play today. Ridge Racer was been around before Need for Speed. When I played this game, I had to keep on playing until I got first place. I got first place on the first 2 racing tracks but the others tracks I’m still trying to get first place. This game have a first person and a third person POV.

I always play it in third person, because I always played most racing games like that. This game was done by Namco. When you are hearing the driver’s voice when you are racing. He is a lot of pain. I wish he would be quiet until I finish the race. When you are getting ready for the race you are going see a sexy Japanese girl. She is not in 3D. She is in 2D. There no NOS in this game. So you race normally. When you hit the side on the track, you will lose speed. To not hit the side of the tracks is to drift. Drifting is easy. You have to show and hit the X button to drift. There other Ridge Racer games out and there are much more fun than Need for Speed and Grand Turismo. So, if you want a hard racing game, and are a Namco fan, Play Ridge Racer. It is more fun than Need for Speed and Grand Turismo.