Revolution in Egypt : An Opinion

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After reading on the Internet and watching events unfold on the TV for the past week I feel that something has to be said that is more then just out of the mouth of a reporter, as a person looking from the outside in. This is an opinion of what is happening as I see it. If you don’t like what I have to say then that is your opinion.

First and foremost this no longer looks like just simple demonstrations but an actual verbal attack on the government and cries for the government to change on a drastic level. So what is a revolution? In the United States the citizens were tired of being told what to do and tired of paying what they felt was an unfair tax, so they told the English Empire to shove it and to leave them alone. We had that luxury as we were half way around the world but what do you do when it is in the country’s back yard? It starts just as it is starting in Egypt right now. We are seeing citizens attacking anything that the government stands for, the police and government buildings. They are not touching anything they consider to be part of their heritage, they are even trying to protect that heritage. So what is a revolution:

  • The overthrow of a government by those who are governed is one definition that is given by the WorldNet at Princeton University, I would surmise that is exactly what the Egypian people want.
  • A fundamental change in political organization the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed is one of the definitions given by The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary which is definitely what the Egyptian people want

Just those 2 examples are enough to show that a real revolution is going on in Egypt and some news agencies are just now starting to see it that way. It is no longer just riots and revolts, it is a people rising up with one voice to affect real change in their government and they have been trying to do it peacefully. Sure there have been exceptions but so far it has only been things that have been the REAL target, symbols of the President that they hate and detest. Will this be seen as a revolt by history or will it just be seen as dissidents, only time will tell as it is always the victors that write the history books and in some cases rewrite.

The citizens of Egypt have so far done nothing to the military, only the police as they are seeing the government as being a police state. It has always been the police and President Hosni Mubarak personal security forces that has done any of the harassment of citizens. The military on the other hand has always stayed outside the city and has never been used to quell any kind of revolt in the cities. They have been there for the protection of the country and its people, just as the government should have been doing all along. The people of Egypt welcomed the military with open arms, made way for them and helped them setup the protection of their history. The same can not be said for the police that they feel have abused them and their rights.

One constant sound bite I have been hearing in the news at first is that this is a religious revolt and that is is paving the way for the Taliban to take control. I doubt that and here is why; take a look at the news footage and the pictures that are being posted, you will see women there. The women that you do see are not covered head to toe with just their eyes seen, they are active participants in the demonstrations and gatherings. They are not there because they were forced to be there, they are there because they want their own freedoms as well. I do not see this as having anything to do with the Taliban as the people are wanting more freedoms and not less. An any of the nations that are hard line militant Muslims we see that people are controlled, not freed so there can be no way that this is a religious uprising of any kind.

Here is the thing, if you oppress people long enough they are going to rise up against you. History shows that this is always going to be the case, the slaves are going to turn against you unless you free them. If they are free then they are no longer slaves. If the Egyptian government wants to see this end they are going to have to change and let the revolt succeed otherwise there are going to be a lot of dead Egyptians on both sides and the resentment will last for years if not decades to come.