Review: Shogun Total War Warlord

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Shogun Total War Warlord Edition
Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Shogun Total War Warlord Edition is one hell of a game. Even though it is 10 years old it is still a classic and worth playing. As old as it is it will even play on Windows 7 with very few problems at all. So if you have a need or wish to conquer Japan then this is the game for you.

With Shogun Total War 2 coming out in March 2011 you might want to pick this gem up while you are waiting for it to come out. Now I will warn you, this game is not that crisp in the graphics department that you have grown accustom to but it still looks better then some of the free MMO games that have been coming out lately. The only place where you even see the graphics not being what you might be used to is when you are controlling your battles as there is not anti aliasing on the units but you wont even mind that at all.

This game is even older then you think. Shogun Total War is based off a board game called Samurai Swords published by Milton Bradley in 1986. Used to love that game before the Net showed up. I would play it ours on end and that is what I do with the computer version. I played it hours on end and I am sure that you will as well. With the computer version of the game, though, you don’t get to see where all the forces are on the map. To find out where the forces are and how many are there you have to send spies and emissaries or border towers to know what you might have to face. This game has many different facets and you are going to have a blast trying to find them all and turn them to your advantage.

Not only is this game strategy based but it is also role play as well. You start as a samurai that is troubled by the war that is going on for the title of Shogun and you must defend yourself. So you build your armies, make treaties and conquer lands until you yourself become Shogun. I know that those that play this are going to have fun, there is no way they could not have fun. Just be patient, learn the game and delve in the history of Japan like no other PC game ever has before. Check it out and see for yourself just how fun this game can be.