Review: Toy Story 3

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Toy Story 3This is the most touching Toy Story ever made to date. While true that the others were heart warming and fun to watch, this one truly and genuinely pulls at the heart strings several times. This one was definitely made for those that had been watching the films, shorts and specials since Pixar first made Toy Story. You see some of the old jokes and skits from the first 2, you even get “The Claw” make an appearance to help save the day.

Don’t get me wrong, this movie does stand on its own and you do not have to have seen the other 2 to appreciate and understand this film. This film is a real gem and would stand up even if the other 2 had never been released. Seeing this one will make you want to go and see the other 2 again and if you don’t have them find a way to get them.

Andy is all grown up and is getting ready to go to college but doesn’t know what to do with his toys. The toys themselves are scared that they are going to be just thrown away and never be played with again. That is where the movie opens up and leads to all sorts of antics that only the toys could get into. You really need to see this wonderful film.

Pixar did a terrific job with this film in how that they show the pain of having to leave something that you love behind. With the way that they ended the film they could still make even more of them in the future. More film makers should do that with fun films, leave a way to be able to expand if the affiances really love it.