Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

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One of the hottest films of 2010 was Resident Evil Afterlife featuring the talents of Milla Jovovich, Wentworth Miller and Ali Larter. This is the 4th film that Milla has done for the franchise and it looks like it might be more. I am saying that because of the way that the film ended but you will just have to see the film yourself to know exactly what I mean. I will tell you this though, make sure that you keep watching when the credits start to roll because the spoiler is during them.

I have loved these films since they first started being made. Whats not to like, they will scar the crap out of you even when you are ready for what is happening. There are tons of gore, guts and blood all over the place, not my fav reason but it is for others. They are films with a definite plot that is thoughtful, suspenseful, trilling and even emotional. All of those reasons don’t hold a light to my favorite reason to watch them, I love to watch them because they have Milla in them. I don’t care if she has a bred mate and a child, she is one hot momma and a damn good actress to boot.

This film picks up where the last one left off with her and her clones going to go get some revenge. During the whole siege of Umbrella Corp. all of the clones are lost and Alice herself is made human once again, at least it seems that way. To me is seems that it didn’t kill all of the virus in her as she does seem to have some of the strengths that she had before. Maybe her body is just been reconditioned so much by the virus that she will always have some enhancements but it definitely seems that she is no longer a carrier and does not heal up like she used to. We even get to see some of the cast from the previous film as they help Alice to fight Umbrella.

Yes, Umbrella is still around and has another leader or three or more. Who knows how many they have in storage or how many facilities that they have but they are all ready to go at a moments notice to cause Alice and her friends nothing but grief.

If you have not seen the other three films it really wont mater as this film can and does stand on its own. If you are one that has to know the complete story then wait to see this one just so you can go back and see more of Milla… Ummmm… I mean go back and see the other films so you get the whole story. Milla is just a nice bonus for doing so and you could even say your treat for doing so. Even if you have never played the games that these are based on you will still have lots of fun watching these films. Heck even those that don’t like horror films might be able to get into these films. End of the world as we know it films are always fun to watch to see just how humanity will dig itself out.