Review: Red Sonja

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This is another of the string of fantasy barbarian age movies that came out in the 1980s. Red Sonja stars newcomer Brigette Neilsen as Sonja, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Kalidor, Ernie Reyes Jr, as Prince Tarn, and Paul L. Smith as the prince’s servant, Falkon. Sandahl Bergman does another film here with Arnold as the film’s antagonist, Queen Gedren. I went into this movie not knowing much about the back story of Sonja, but I wish I had, because not knowing made me a bit confused about the characters.

Okay, so Queen Gedren was turned down by Sonja, and therefore punished her after Sonja damaged her face. Punishment was extreme, as Gedren’s forces destroyed Sonja’s family and violated her body. Sonja is now filled with hate for all men, but it was a woman who ordered her men to do these things. Hmmm… So shouldn’t she hate everybody? Later on, We see Queen Gedhen and her army as they attack a temple which holds a talisman that holds immense power, and the power has gotten to strong for the unit containing it. The priestesses are in the process of destroying the talisman when the attack occurs, and Sonja’s sister manages to escape and run into Kalidor(Arnold). Varna, Sonja’s sister, begs to Kalidor to find her sister so she can get the talisman back and destroy it. Gedren has a bee in her bonnet about wanting to rule a wold of chaos, and she wants Sonja as her mate when she does it.

We join Sonja on her journey to reach Gedren’s keep, and along the way, she finds young Prince Tarn, a fun, but spoiled young prince, who was really the best thing about the movie, and his very kind, but somewhat bumbling servant, Falkon. Kalidor pops in time and again to tease Sonja in romantic ways, but in the end helps her defeat Gedren in a very predictable ending. I’ve seen many Sword and Sorcery movies over the decades, and I’m glad I missed this one in the 80s. Seeing it now makes me appreciate the better ones. If you like the franchise based on the books by Robert E. Howard, then this one might be for you, but you might be better off just reading the book. I have to say Red Sonja would be better off missed, or perhaps remade in a CGI format with a better script that is not so choppy.