Review: Herbie Fully Loaded

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Herbie Fully LoadedHerbie Fully Loaded is one of those fun family films that you will want to keep and cherish for years to come. Lindsay Lohan does a wonderful job as the new driver for Herbie the wonderful bug that we all have come to love and adore. It makes a perfect addition to all of the Herbie films and TV episodes that you may have already collected or want to collect.

Herbie is down on his luck and has lost another owner and has been carted off to the junkyard. Herbie seeing that this might be the end tries to escape but is stopped by the owner of the scrapyard and his wheel removed so he can’t try it again. The scrapyard owner is determined to make sure that the car will never be a bother ever again by crushing him and selling Herbie for scrap. That is where Lindsay Lohan finds Herbie or rather Herbie finds her.

This film has all of the charm that you saw in previous Herbie films and fully stands on its own. You don’t have to be a previous Herbie fan or even know of the other films to truly enjoy this film. If you have seen the other films then you are going to fall in love with car number 53 all over again as you see Maggie Peyton aka Lindsy Lohan learn to trust Herbie as he helps them both to have a better life and relationships.

If you love cars and comedy then this is going to be film for you and your family. It will touch you on so many levels as you watch the crazy antics of Herbie. This film is going to be a classic for years to come and I hope Disney Studios will see Herbie return again for even more adventures no matter who the drive might be. I know I would drive Herbie and would love every minute of it.