Review: Guild Wars Prophecies

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Fun Factor:★★★★¼ 

Guild Wars Prophecies is an online MMO that takes place and a fantasy world like no other. It is the first of the 4 campaigns that have been release under the Guild Wars title. As the game first starts you find yourself as a new recruit into the royal guard. War threatens the land and they are training any and all able bodies people to be able to combat the threat that is to the north. Long ago the people that first settled the land did so by force. They pushed back the indigenous creatures, the Charr a feline looking race. They pushed them back so that they could found their new kingdom, the kingdom of Ascalon. For many years there were skirmishes but not all out war but that was to change.

With in the last 50 years, as the history inside the game goes (and there is a lot of history), there were massive guild wars. These guilds became so powerful that they threatened the kingdoms themselves so action had to be taken just to protect the people that were in the various kingdoms. Ascalon not looking to the north allowed the charr to grow and to gain strength. The Charr even took gods, something they had never done and they and their priests were out for Ascolon. They were intent on getting the land back at all cost and eradicate the humans that has invaded there hunting grounds. So, now that the guild wars were over King Adelbern turns his attention again to the Charr and this is where the story truly begins for your character.

The bulk of the story and game takes place after the Searing, where the Charr have destroyed the lands of Ascalon. Before that does happen you are in a pastoral land with lots of interesting things to do so that you can gain strength and power for the war that is ahead. After the searing you try to protect what is left of the Ascalon people as the flee from their homeland. It is during this time that your character truely becomes a hero, not just of Ascalon but of all Teria.

The first campaign has 6 core classes or professions: Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Necromancer, Mesmer and Elementalist. These classes can be used in PvE, player versus environment, or PvE, player versus player. PvP does not take place in post or pre searing, it takes place on the Battle Islands run by the Zaishen Order that honors the god Balthazar, the god of war. It is on the Battle Isles that players match their skill both against the order and other players to see who can make it to the Hall Of Heros by wining matches in Hero’s Accent.

This game, with just the core PvE and PvP elements will keep you entertained for ours on end and years on end as well. The best part is that once you have the game unlocked it is unlocked for you till the servers melt down and get thrown away. In other words as long as people are going to be playing it, the servers are going to stay up. No monthly fees, no up sells to advance and no paying for advantages that you can not already get in game.

I would recommend this game to anyone that loves a story or just loves to one up someone for bragging rights. This is one hell of a game that will keep you coming back for more again and again. Visit Guild Wars and see for your self