Review: Guild Wars Nightfall

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Guild Wars Nightfall
Fun Factor:★★★★¼ 

Guild Wars Nightfall is the 3rd addition to the Guild Wars family. This edition takes place in a dryer climate then the previous editions, it takes place in a setting that is more like the sands of Africa and Persia. It is a real change from what you have seen before and as the other 2 are stand alone or can be played together if you have them all. All 3 have quests to get you back and forth between them so that you can enjoy the content from them all.

Guild Wars Nightfall takes place at the same time as Factions and the stories are interconnected. Abaddon, the God Of Secrets wants out and he is coming trough in the lands of Elona which are comprised of Istan, Kourna and Vabbi. Abaddon has the unknowing help from the leader of Istan, the knowing help of the leader of Kourna and the willing help of his followers the Margonites. It is the players job to make sure that Abbadon and his followers fail.

This game introduces 2 new character classes or professions, the Paragon and the Dervish. The paragon uses chants and shouts to encourage the player while the dervish uses the scythe to make sweeping attacks to devastate their enemies. These classes are a welcome addition to the franchise and I know fans are looking forward to what will be seen next from NC Soft and ArenaNet. I know I am eager to see what is coming next from them.

While this game is visually stunning and full of replay value I found that all the Kourna red sands would put me to sleep, especially if I was tired to begin with. This game also has some very dark area that would scare the willies out of some children so don’t be surprised when you feel like you just walked into a room with a black light. Even with those draw backs, for me at least, this is actually a fun game to play and I still play portions of it over and over again just to have fun.

Something else worth mentioning, in this stand-alone release you also get heroes. Heroes are like henchmen except that they now level up with you and you can make changes and additions to their armor, their weapons and the skills that they use as they travel along with you. If you have the other expansions you get access to even more heroes that are waiting for you in Tyria and Cantha, the birthplace of humanity. A very welcome addition to the game that opens up so many more possibilities.

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