Review: Guild Wars Factions

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Guild Wars Factions
Fun Factor:★★★★¾ 

Guild Wars Factions is the 2nd installment on and the sequel to the award wining MMO Guild Wars Prophecies. This game takes place at the same time as when characters reach the burnt and ruined city of Ascalon after the Charr invasion. This extension of the game gives a whole new depth and feeling to the game that it never had before. You might even say it was the best Guild Wars titles of the 3 main storylines that involve the minions of Abaddon, the god of Secrets.

With Guild Wars Factions players are introduced to 2 new classes, the Assassin and the Ritualist. The Assassin fights with speed and daggers were as the Ritualist fights with summoned spirits and channeling the energies of the universe and the Mists to do his bidding and inflict pain on all that come near him. Next to the Ranger the Ritualist is my 2nd most favorite class to play. Factions also takes place in a decidedly oriental atmosphere with oriental shrines and building all around. Even the majority of the monsters that you have to face are based on oriental culture and myths. The feeling you get while playing this game is that you really are in the orient and you truly are out to save the world from the evils of Shiro, the main antagonist of the title.

This game also opens up the world of PvP like no other title that has been put out by ArenaNet in the Guild Wars series. Players are actually encouraged to take part in 3 different PvP areas, Alliance Battles, Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood. Each has its own goals and each pits the player against other players from around the world. Even for those that do not like PvP will enjoy what is waiting for them when they take their role play character into the PvP areas of Factions. This truly is a one of a kind experience that will have you coming back for more again and again just for the fun of it.

Even though this is one of the shorter titles in the Guild Wars series it is one that actually gives you the most things to do with your character. As a bonus if you own Prophecies you can use the same character in both games just by completing some very simple story driven quests. For those that have Prophecies you really should get a copy of Factions as it opens up a whole new world of things to do and see and if you are like me and love details then you are going to love everything that you see in Factions.

If you want to find out more about this ground breaking game you need to Visit Guild Wars and see for your self