Review: Guild Wars Eye Of The North

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Guild Wars Eye Of The North

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

The most recent addition to NCSoft and ArenaNet’s flagship is that of Guild Wars Eye Of The North. This expansion takes place 8 years after the searing of Ascalon. This is a true expansion as you must have one of the previous games installed to play. The other Guild Wars games are Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall. Adding GW:EN to any of them will unlock a whole new experience for your characters that you might already have.

You might have noticed the initials for the game are GW:EN. This was by design as the main person that you deal with and interact with in the game is that of Gwen, the little girl that follows you around in Pre Sear Ascalon. She is all grown up now and out for vengeance. For the last 8 years she has been the prisoner of the Charr and the mouse is ready for vengeance. Now she is the leader of the Ebon Vanguard in the absence of Captain Langmar and the protector of The Eye Of The North. It is something of ancient design, possibly even more ancient then the gods that came to Tyria thousands of years ago. Only you can make it work and have it tell you what you need to know to get the job done and save all of Tyria in the process.

The Eye Of The North expansion adds new heroes for you to use as you hunt the Charr, the Destroyers and the Stone Summit Dwarves. You have to find ways to find and free the survivors of the Ebon Vanguard, Help Jora and the Norn, enlist the aid of the Asurans and the Dwarves stoill loyal to King Jalis Ironhammer to defeat the Great Destroyer. This expansion adds dungeons for you to explor and land area that is at least as big as the areas that you find in the Factions campaign or more. The site and wiki say that the expansion introduces all of the following:

  • 40 new armor sets, including rare, stand-alone pieces
  • 100 new profession-specific skills (10 per profession, none of which are elite)
  • 50 new PvE only skills including 3 elite skills
  • 10 new heroes
  • 18 Dungeons
  • 124 new quests

As you can see there is a lot that is added into the game for you to explore and have fun with. With this expansion you are also starting your path to Guild Wars 2. Inside the Eye is the Hall of Monuments where you can display your achievements of your various characters. The way that this affects Guild Wars 2 is that all of the achievements that are entered here will give you points toward equipment, titles, armor, weapons and pets for your account when Guild Wars 2 is released. This is how you leave a legacy for your characters in the future and will help you set goals for the present. One very nice goal is to have enough titles or stuff in the hall to be able to get one of the rarest pets in the game for your Ranger, the Rainbow Phoenix. It will only appear if the you have all the Tapestries in the Hall unlocked, have entered the hall alone and have met the stuff and title requirements.

As you can see this is one hell of an expansion for you to have for your game and your Guild Wars experience. This is by fare the most exciting expansion to date as well as all of the preludes that are being added for Guild Wars 2. GW:EN is also the only way that you can leave something other then just your character’s name to be used when GW2 comes out. All of the lead in story lines require that you have access to the Hall of Monuments which is only in the Eye Of The North. So get out there and start killing the Charr and saving the world from the Great Destroyer and its minions. If you don’t you just might not have as much for your characters when GW2 is released.