Review: Dirty Jobs

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Have you ever heard the They Might Be Giants song, “We Care A Lot”? Not really a bad choice for the theme song of Discovery Channel’s long-running series, Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe has the wonderful job of taking us into places most of would never dream or even nightmare of going into. Usually, for maybe about a day, or maybe more, Mike apprentices in some of the nastiest jobs you never even knew existed. From cleaning out sewage from pipes under a major city, to testing if wild geese might have Avian Flu in the Yukon Delta, Mike has been there, and he’s ready to take on more nasty, icky jobs dealing in the name of sanitation and science.

We are lucky that media technology has not created Smellavision yet, because we would not be ready to take on any of the odors Mike has to deal with. Smellavision would be best left to cooking networks or shopping channels, not Discovery. Mike is a high-spirited guy who takes it all in stride, and cracks jokes with just about everyone when dealing with the grease, or the poo, or the animals, or whatever he might get assigned to work at on that particular segment. He’s even gotten into some not so smelly jobs like making erotic-shaped chocolates, but some would call that a “dirty job”. Mike Rowe has become more familiar with mainstream audiences as he does endorsements for Ford Motor Company and Lee Jeans. You can’t get much more all American than Mike, and he knows it’s jobs like this that we tend to forget about that makes the lives of the masses a bit easier. I don’t think I would ever want his job, but I wouldn’t mind using whatever bodywash he uses. It must work really well!

Discovery does not really run a set schedule, so we never really know when we will see Dirty Jobs, but when you can catch it, be prepared to have a great laugh attack and be grossed out at the same time, because it’s better than any Scary Movie, and it’s about as real as it gets. Reality TV has not nothing on the realness
of Dirty Jobs, and with this show, you get a Reality TV star you really like, because he’s the type of guy you want to hang out at a ballgame or a theme park with. If you want something really fun and different to entertain and educate you, then tune into Dirty Jobs.