Review: The American

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Yesterday, I had an urge to bake some Maple Shortbread cookies, which would have been a much better use of the hour and a half I spent watching The American. This slow-moving tale of yet another assassin on the run from his past and his job has put me off from these types of movies for a bit. What started this trend anyway? No wonder I’m really preferring family movies any more!

Oh yes, beautiful sweeping vistas of Northern Italy abound, and you are dropped into the culture of the region very well, but if I wanted to watch a Conde Nast travel log, I would have. It would have been far more entertaining.

What do we have, George Clooney on the run from some Swedish thugs who are on to him for botching his last job. A traitorous agent who is looking to take him out of the loop permanently for wanting to close shop. Another assassin colleague who comes to him for a custom-made rifle, which turns out to be the sniper gun she will take him out with. A sweet prostitute from the local brothel who he gets a little too close to, and a local priest who is the only person this ultra-paranoid man can trust. Small cast for a small movie.

This was budgeted at $20 million, and took in $35 million plus. Glad to see they made their money back. From what I have seen of the reviews of Martin Booth’s book, “A Very Private Gentleman”, your money would have been better spent at the book store that at the movie theatre, because the literary hipsters can’t seem to get enough of it.

If you got an hour and thirty minutes to spend on a movie this week, there are lots of great family movies that are worth the time, stay away from this sappy Italian drama with an American lead who would have been better off lending his voice talent to one of those great animated family movies.