Review: The A-Team

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The A-TeamAny fan of 1980 action TV shows will be able to tell you tons on the show The A-Team. Each episode would be filled with mission impossible type missions of which the team had to get done before the end of the episode. They were always getting into trouble and trying to out think and out plane both the bad guys and the US government that was trying to catch them for breaking out of jail. You always knew that they were going to win but you didn’t care, you wanted to see HOW they were going to do it and how they were going to smear egg on the face of the military and the government. You would always look forward to seeing the next show and would go out of your way to make sure that you didn’t miss it. The movie takes that all to a new level entirely.

Colonel Hannibal Smith is being played by Liam Neeson and is a perfect replacement for George Peppard from the old TV show. He is just as entertaining and funny, imagine Liam as funny, as the old Hannible and just as onery. Smith is in Mexico, we don’t know why but it is the actions that take place that are important. It is in Mexico that we see the formation of the A-Team or Alpha Strike Team come into formation. The team is comprised of several different people. The conniver Lt. ‘Faceman’ Peck, played by Bradley Cooper, a person that can always get you what ever you need no matter what the job might be. The pilot Captain H.M. Murdock, played by Sharlto Copley, who can fly anything with wings and a propeler and even a tank sometimes. Did I mention the pilot is certified insane, oh the fun that causes. The muscle B.A. Baracus, played by Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, who can drive anything you want driven no matter how many weals it might have on it. Then to round out the team you have the leader Colonel Hannibal Smith.

I know some reviewers didn’t like the film but they probably hated the show to begin with or they just are not even old enough to remember it. If old enough they might not have been allowed to watch it because their parents might have thought it was too violent. In other words anyone who didn’t like this film just isn’t cool enough to get a clue. This film has everything you could ever want in an action film, except for sex, none of that in here. You have sexy women, explosions galore, ships sinking, trucks exploding, flying tanks, missiles, cargo planes exploding and just so much more. And yes the team does indeed fly a tank, if you don’t believe me then watch the film and see for yourself. That one scene is funny and exciting and I just love the look on the old woman’s face. Don’t know what I mean? Then watch the film and see the plan come together.

I HIGHLY recommend this film to those that loved the old show, to the ones that wanted to watch the show and to all the pyromaniacs who might be viewing this review. Women if you want your men pumped then get them to see this and you will be able to have your way with them. You know what explosions do to them. I for one know I am going to watch this film again and again and I hope to the gods that they make more of them!