Return to Halloweentown

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The film is full of cool looking special effects but the charm and wonder that we saw in the first three films are just not there in this film that takes us back to Halloweentown. Even though all the characters from the first three are mentioned you really don’t see all that much of them and don’t even see Sophie at all, just hear that she is dimension hopping with her grandmother Aggie or Agatha Cromwell as she is knowing in Halloweentown. The movie feels more forced without a normal flow that you would expect from a family movie even one that deals with magic and Halloween.

Gwen Cromwell Piper (Judith Hoag) is constantly worried about her kids especially since Sophie Piper he youngest child is literally exploring the universe and its various dimensions with her very strange mother Agatha Cromwell (Debbie Reynolds). To make matters worse her daughter Marnie Piper doesn’t want to stay anywhere near home. She wants to go off to Halloweentown and study magic. She even has a full scholarship to Witch University, something her mother is dead set against. After some begging and pleading Marnie gets to open the portal to Halloweentown and with her brother crosses over to get settled in school. Once there she gets hit with a disappointment of her own, she can’t even use magic on the school grounds. It is strictly forbidden to cast any spells on school grounds as they will become permanent on Halloween night. To make matters worse she finds out that Dylan Piper (Joey Zimmerman) her brother is going to be going to school there with her.

Witch University is on the old grounds of Cromwell Castle and the sight of where the past queen of Halloweentown locked away a special gift that only a Cromwell witch is able to use. It has diabolical powers in the wrong hands and the Dominion wants it for themselves. They want to use it to make sure that all of Halloweentown is under their control and that only witches and warlocks have any kind of freedoms. They want to make sure that all the other monsters in the realm are subservient to them with no rights at all. The only way that they can do this is to use the give that Spendora Cromwell locked away and hid. The Dominion are still looking to do this and are using clues from an ancient prophecy to bring that about. The prophecy says that a witch of great beauty and power of the Cromwell line will come that will be able to find and claim what was hidden. That is the real reason Marnie (Sara Paxton) received the scholarship that she now has.

Even though magic is strictly forbidden on school grounds Dylan and Marnie find that there are many that just don’t care what the rules are and cast magic when ever they want, they just make sure not to do it in front of any of the instructors of the school. To toy with the new comer they are also doing it so that it seems that Marnie herself is the one casting the spells getting her in trouble instead of themselves. Marnie feels that everyone is out to get her or discredit her just because she is the new kid and a Cromwell to boot. It is going to take all her will just to grow up and save all of Halloweentown and her family from the forces of the Dominion.

While the movie is fun to watch you can see holes all over the place in the plot as if it was rushed when they were putting it together. The special effects were not up to what I would call Disney standards. The same actress is not used for Marnie, Agatha is not in the film as much as she should be for the plot and there is way to much blue or green screen being used. Some scenes looked like old weather reports where the weather man was standing in front of the maps with his or her outline all jagged as if they were just cut in. Definitely not Disney quality even if it is just a made for television movie. If I didn’t already have the other 3 films I would not have even gotten this one.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆ 

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