Resident Evil 5

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Resident Evil 5 takes place about five years after Resident Evil 4. This Resident Evil game is an okay game, but Resident Evil 4 was way better than this game. This game takes place in Africa. The place that human race got started. Now, Africa is now zombie land. In this game you get to kill Wesker. Wesker is the cause of this mess. He already infected Africa.

In this game you are playing as Chris Redfield. Chris Redfield is from the first Resident Evil game. In this game, you get to have a partner. Your partner’s name is Sheva Alomar. She is pretty hot, but she will be a pain. Every time I’m getting some ammo, she takes it. She will heal you alot the time, if your health is in the red. So, I use her as a healer. One more thing about her, she will be in way when you are shooting down a target.

In Resident Evil 4, you get more room in your inventory. In this, you don’t get any more room in your inventory. You get 9 slots. I don’t like that. This game feels like action game, not a horror game. Resident Evil 4 scared the living hell out of you! This game doesn’t real scare me at all. The Resident Evil movies are more like action movies, not the game. The movies are pretty good. When Resident Evil 5 first came out, I wanted that game so badly. When I got this game last year, I was hoping it was like Resident Evil 4. I said, WTF is this?

I thought Resident Evil 5 was going to better than Resident Evil 4. I thought wrong. This game does have two player co-op. There is one more problem with this game. This game is really short. You will finish this game in 7 hours. I like the graphics and gameplay. That is a good thing about this game. The graphics look like Devil May Cry 4, but Devil May Cry 4 has better graphics than this game. This game does have some pretty good graphics, but need more color in to this game. This game look more monochromatic green than anything. The gameplay does have same gameplay in Resident Evil 4. The sound is little off on the movie clips. When you are playing the game, the sound is better. If you are a Resident Evil fan, you will not like this game. If you crazy with guns, blood & guts, and explosions, you will like this game. This game is a okay game, but I really don’t care for this game.