Resident Evil 4

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resident evil 4
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Resident Evil 4 is great game to play and it is a game of year of 2005. 2005 had lots of very good games back then. This game came out the same time when Soul Calibur III came out. This is the first Resident Evil 4 game I played of the series. I never play the Resident Evil games until I played this one. I just watched the Resident Evil movies. I think the movies are better because it has some more action than the games.

This Resident Evil game is one of my favorite Resident Evil games of all time. This game is about Leon finding the President of United States’ daughter. The President’s daughter was kidnapped by a unknown village in Europe. It is Leon’s job to save the President’s daughter from danger. Leon found the village, but things did not turn right. The villagers are zombies and some monsters are trying to kill Leon. Leon need to put a end of this. Leon is from Resident Evil 2. The President’s daughter’s name is Ashley Graham. She is only in this game, not the other Resident Evil games. She is sexy as hell. You will play her in some levels in this game. There is one more character, but you will meet her later on in the game. Her name is Ada Wong. Ada is in Resident Evil 2 and in this one. She is working with Wesker. She is fine as hell. She wearing a dress. I can’t believe she is wearing a dress in battle, but she looks pretty hot.

The gameplay for this game is the bomb. This gameplay changed the third person gaming of today. If playing any third person game on the PS3 or XBOX 360, this is the one that changed it. This game is on the Game Cube and PlayStation 2. I got the Game Cube version. The Game Cube version has better graphics than the PlayStation 2 graphics. PlayStation 2 graphics looks pretty good, but Game Cube is better. The Game Cube version take longer than PS2 version. These zombies are smarter than the zombies from Call of Duty. These zombies use weapons. They will throw some axes, and some other farmers tools. Some people think Doom 3 is scarey as hell, but Resident Evil 4 will scare the living crap out of you. You didn’t have to find any more weapons, because you have a weapons dealer. He sells weapons like crazy. Do not shoot the weapons dealer, or otherwise you will not get any new weapons at all. If you play the other third person shooter games, you will like this one better. So play Resident Evil 4.