Rescue Team 2

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Alawar Games has taken on another time management builder in our modern era, and given us Rescue Team 2. Like many of their builders, this one requires running little workers around, chasing after resources, and I must admit I do like the little “Woohoo!” sound they make when they get rescued, but this game is pretty much like all the others. Alawar is pretty good at working with variations on a theme, and I have played many of these builders.

Some originality would be very nice, but I do not think I will see it any time soon with the Rescue Team series. Although it is rewarding to get to the stranded workers and citizens and get them first aid and rebuild their homes, it seems like we are just waiting for the next natural disaster to occur. Low pressure systems tend to give me massive sinus headaches. I slept through most of Hurricane Ivan, and I about fell asleep trying to clean up the mess this fictional tropical cyclone left behind. I’ll most likely go check out any more sequels that are part of the Rescue Team franchise, but I cannot expect to see glowing results after the letdown of Rescue Team 2.