Rescue Team

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

The city of Islandville has been hit by a rash of freak storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the people who live there have their routes cut off by downed trees and rockslides. Bring in the Rescue Team! Your little band of rescue workers are going to go out and clear the way, rebuild homes, and get that chopper in the air to help those citizen that got trapped while searching for higher ground. You might even have to rescue some of your own Rescue Team workers as some of them have gotten trapped by debris and downed trees as well. Use the wood you find to rebuild homes, a sawmill, and beach cafe’s that provide your team with food to keep them going strong.

Rescue Team is a fun simulation with a modern twist, similar to the Time Builders series and Royal Envoy, you must race against the clock to get your citizens safe, and maybe even find some treasures along the way. There are also small intermissions where you take the cash your team has earned to fix up a lovely island home and make it your own. I’m not really sure how big Islandville is, and I never really got the chance to find out, but I plan to get back in and get the rest of that place cleaned up very soon. Rescue Team is cute and addictive, and you even feel a tiny surge of happy accomplishment when your peeps let out a tiny “Woohoo!” when they are either found or rescued by the chopper. Curiosity will keep you in the game, and you’ll never know what new resources will you will be able to access with every level. Get on into Rescue Team and find out!