Red Faction: Origins (SyFy 2011)

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This live action movie taken from the heart of a video game is a thrilling action packed film that will keep you fully entertained and ramped up to see just what will happen next. This film first premiered on SyFy and is about 2 factions that are in a tenuous peace with each other with a buffer neutral zone between them. One embraces faith and has little to do with technology while the other are colonists that use technology to terraform the surface of Mars. Both hate each other for their ways of life but they hate is not the real problem but it is a tool that another can use against them. Neither side, the Marauders of the Red Faction can see eye to eye on anything other then the desire to be rid of each other. Their past is so filled with hate and distrust that they can not even see truth from the other side even when it would benefit them. They would rather kill each other on site then to bear to be around them. That is where the film starts and it just gets even deeper from there.

Jake Mason (Brian J. Smith) is an officer in the Colonist area and is always having to drag his drunk father from the bar and usually putting him in jail himself. His father can’t get over the death of his wife, Jake’s mother nor can he forgive Jake for letting young Lyra (Isabella Blake-Thomas) fall behind to be killed. At least that is what he thinks, he can not bring himself to believe the wild stories of his son that his daughter was taken, kidnapped by some strange soldiers in white uniforms. He believes that the Marauders came and killed his wife and daughter as revenge for him taking a Marauder as his wife. No matter what the young Jake (Samuel Davies) might say that he saw his father will not accept what he says. It is that pain that keeps driving Alec Mason (Robert Patrick) to drink again and again as he tried to forget what has happened. Jake has never forgotten and he is going to prove his father wrong no matter what. He is going to see that Lyra comes back to them safe and sound, he just doesn’t know how yet.

On the day after throwing his father into jail a ship that was in a decaying orbit, a left over from the Mars revolution, comes crashing down into neutral territory. Jake and his team as well as a specialist in EDF technology, Tess De La Vega (Danielle Nicolet), are sent to recover what they can from the wreck before the Marauders can. All is going as planed till a spacial anomaly disrupts the shuttles engines and they almost crash. If that wasn’t enough the ship had already crashed and is starting to fall apart from the many micro fractures that it sustained from freezing than then heating up suddenly in the atmosphere. On top of that they find the bodies of the Marauder team that was sent to salvage the ship massacred. This was definitely not a good day for Jake till he sees men in white salvaging a unit from the ship. They had the same uniforms that he saw when he was a boy and he was going to find out what is going on once and for all. It is when he is chasing them that he gets into a fight with his long lost sister Lyra (Tamzin Merchant). Bother are stunned at seeing each other and then go on with their units.

This film has many twists and turns as Jake quests to find out what happened to his sister and why it is that she is partnered up with what he discovers is remnants of the EDF, Earth Defense Force. He is not going to let anything get in the way of him finding out the truth and will risk all out war itself to see that he finds what he wants. This is one of those films that soon as you finish it you already want to see it again so that you can pick up all the stuff that you missed the first time around. This is a must have Sci-Fi film. I don’t know if it is like the games or not as I have not had the chance to play them but if the games are any thing like what was shown to us on the screen then it is going to be one hell of a game indeed.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆