Red Dead Revolver

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

I finally played Red Dead Revolver and this game is not worth playing at all. I know this game is before Red Dead Redemption, but this game is pissed me off. This game was originally developed CAPCOM, but they never finished the game. So, Rockstar finished it instead. The story is boring, the graphics looks awful, and gameplay terrible. The soundtrack in the game is pretty good.

The story about a bounty hunter named Red, tracking down outlaws with bounty on their heads. In the beginning of the game, you see Red’s family get killed by outlaws. So, he getting revenge for his family. He hunts these outlaws so he can avenge the murders of his family. Really, I never finished the game. The reason I never finished the game, because it was a bad PS2 game.

First off, the graphics. The graphics looks more like Nintendo 64 game instead of a PS2. I have seen better looking PS2 games, except Red Ninja. The textures in this game are awful and the characters look muddied. 50 Cent Bulletproof was better looking than this game. The characters looks terrible and clothes look horrible.

I hate the gameplay more than the graphics. The gameplay is not all that great and it has frustrating controls. All you do in this game is just shoot and kill. That’s it. Dueling is the part I hated most of all. You’re using the right stick to hit the spots on your target. It doesn’t work that way. The spotter just likes to move around a lot. This game feels like a arcade game instead a console game. If it was a arcade game, it would not use a controller.

The soundtrack is like old western movie. That is great about this game is soundtrack. It feel like you are in a western when listening to background music. I like the soundtrack better than the game.

If you are fan from the Red Dead series or big fan of Rockstar games, you will like this game. This is certainly no GTA, though. Unlike any GTA game, Red Dead Revolver is not worth my time.