Red Blue Or American

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This year we are choosing who our new elected officials are but you would think that we are choosing who will be the lesser of two evils. I keep getting call after call about who I am going to vote for, what way I am leaning and even asking if I were blue or red. You know what? I am an American citizen of the United States of America. That used to mean something when you said it but not any more. Not when you think of all of the infighting that happens in our government and on our streets.

Proud to be American and Made in the USA used to mean a lot, that is till it was made to be us versus them, or states versus federal or corporate versus small business and rich versus poor. When did it get this way and what did they start doing that made it get so bad? People used to be proud to be called an American, used to be proud to say they worked at such and such a place. Where did that all go to? Tell me, where have all the flowers gone, the flower of America?

We have record high unemployment and I get calls about what way I am going to vote? Our food supply is being poisoned (my personal opinion) and I am being asked if I am a Democrat or Republican. By the way there are more political parties then just those two but thanks to our mediaocrocy that is what you are lead to believe that they are the only choices. Democrats blue and Republicans red. I don’t know about you but I am getting sick and tired of it. I am an American and not some political pawn to be shoved around some rich man’s chess board. Everyone reading this post, if you live in the U.S. is an American, maybe, sort of, if they, those in power deem that you are one.

Why was the end of that last part so vague? Simple, they now have rules in place that say if you can not prove with the documents that they say are usable that you are not a real person. If you don’t have their papers then you do not have any rights, you know the same rights that you were originally born with. I am amazed that they don’t force you to choose Red or Blue when you are born the way that they are going.

Here is a sample conversation with the poli’s that keep calling. While it is not exact it is close to all of them that call. I am starting to think that they just might be clones or something. BTW, when it says Answer, it is my response.

Caller: Are you Democrat or Republican?
Answer: Neither

Caller: Which party do you align yourself with?
Answer: Neither, I am a self thinking American!

Caller: Huh….

Caller: Who will you vote for this November? Obama? Romney?
Answer: Neither, I plan to vote … click …

They don’t like it when you go off script with them. They hate it, they don’t know what to do. They are supposed to be collecting data for a poll but if the data doesn’t fit their narrow minded version of red and blue they just don’t care what you have to say to them. How can it be that our once great nation has come to this? Are you red or are you blue? What about being an American, dammit! I was born in the United States of America and not the United Stated of the Blue. America, not the United States of the Red. The USA and not the United states of slaves and master. I was born in a nation that USED TO have free thinking people that knew how to come together to figure out how to get something done.

We don’t need committees, we don’t need special studies and we sure as hell don’t need to be asked if we are red or blue. We are all born Americans no matter what those in power think and it is time that you told them that. Remind them that it is your vote that puts them in power and that you have to right to question everything that they do while they are supposed to be representing you, the American citizen that has a flag that is Red White and Blue. We are all people and not a color.