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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Being a green person, I thought this game would be really fun, and it is. Not only that, Recyclomania is really educational in many ways. It is a simple Match 3 puzzle game, but the premise is so much more. The graphics are a bit too simple, but that really does not distract from the whole of the game. You are with a group of students at school, and working a program to reduce carbon footprints, and use the images on the puzzles in the game to earn different kinds of recycling bins. Paper, glass, metals, etc. Also, you earn precious metals in the puzzles by bringing them to the bottom of the grid. These are gold, silver, nickel, copper and such, and they are marked with their elemental table symbol, so not only are you matching up recyclable items like bottles, and newspapers and organics for compost, you are also learning chemistry at a base level, which is always great.

In a world that is becoming more and more anti-science and destructive, it is good that games like Recyclomania are out there. It has an upbeat score, and a positive message, along with a supportive cheer to encourage kids to go to the next level. I do hope kids do learn from this fun game and get out there and recycle, even if only at school. No matter what the right-wingers say, nature takes a long to time to right herself, so we need to help her in every way we can. Of course, we can’t stop the damage already done, but by reusing what we have already taken away, she’ll heal a little faster. Take some time to teach a greener way, and use this fun little game to get there.