RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive

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We know we played Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and other military games. There is one military game out there, and it does not revolve around guns. This one deals with giant robots. This game is call RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive. This game is not made in America. It is made Japan. It not done by Activision or EA. This game is done by Square Enix. The creators who did Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts.

This game is not for kids,this and it is not a first person shooter game. This game is a fighting game. The story is about bunch of giant aliens robot that have come to earth to destroy the human race. The giant alien robots are called Volgara. The humans are building a giant robots to destroy Volgara. It up to humans to stop the Volgara, otherwise there home planet will get destroyed. In this game, you choose from three characters to play. The three character are Naoto, Ryo, and Yui. I play Naoto and Yui. Yui is a cute Japanese anime girl. She is really hot.

When you are playing this game you see lots of anime characters and anime design. The anime character designer is know Toshihiro Kawamoto. He did this one and Cowboy Bebop. The gameplay looks pretty good, but the graphics look great. I like the graphics and the details of this game. The battleground is not in America or Afghanistan. The battleground in this game is in Japan. This game take place a thousand years from now. So, if you run a mission, then you have to fight in Senjo. That city is not real. You will get to fight in Tokyo, as well. This will take a long time to beat. There fifty-four missions in this game.

When you are playing this game you will see what is going today. In this game, you will see a bunch of politicians fighting over money. You will see a bunch of rich people being greedy. You are at war with the Volgara, and you see the economy going downhill in this game. You will see food prices will up. If you want robot game that fight other robots or if you want to learn more about the politics, play RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive. This game is way better than Call of Duty.