Queen’s Blade

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Queen's_Blade_Leina_coverQueen’s Blade is anime series about a female fighter going to a tournament call the Queen’s Blade. In this anime, the Gods had the men going to war on each other. So they decided that females will have matches at each other. If one of them wins the Queen’s Blade tournament, she will have the right to be the queen and rule all over the continent. In this anime, you will see scantily-clad girl running around sometimes. The girls in this anime are Leina, Risty, Tomoe, and Shizuka. Leina is the middle sister of the Vance Family. She has an older sister and a little sister. Her little sister wants to touch her breasts often. For me, I’m like, hell yeah!

Risty is a thief, but is a good person. She will help children who are poor and need. I had her in Oblivion. It was mod though. Tomoe is a warrior priestess of Hinomoto. She want to win the Queen’s Blade tournament for her people. She is Leina’s friend. I like to see her combat Leina. Shizuka is a ninja. She is a leader of the Kouma Ninjas of Hinomoto. She is Tomoe’s body guard. If you are watching this anime, you will not think about your girlfriend. You will like this anime better than Samurai Girls. Samurai Girls is pretty and has lots of sexy girls, but these girls in this anime are damn hot. They remind that MMO game, Scarlet Blade I played alot. If you have never watched this anime, you need to watch it. I like this anime alot. So, guys, you need to watch this anime.