Puzzle Quest

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This was a game I owned for the Nintendo DS a few years ago, and I very much enjoyed it, until my son traded away the system and the games for credits at the local Gamestop to obtain a PSP. I’m glad he’s happy with his trade, but I am also glad to have access to Puzzle Quest once again. This very enjoyable anime-style RPG featuring Match 3 Puzzles where we fight against orcs, zombies, undead and other nasty things has so much going for it.

We start by choosing our character from a pre-set pool of people. We have druids, knights, warriors, and wizards as our base classes, and you can choose from either two males or two females in each class. I chose the druid, which works more like a ranger class, but the class basics pretty much tell us what to focus on to make our battles more favourable. On the match 3 grid, we are playing something similar to Throne of Olympus, in which we match colours that correspond to an elemental power that can boost our attacks or steal from our enemies’ strengths. There are also automatic attacks that happen when we match up three skulls. The white skulls do direct damage, and when we add a black skull, we do some massive damage, but our enemies can do this to us, too.

Along the way, we are on a mission for the Queen of our once peaceful land that is being overrun by undead, bringing in allies, and attempting to stop the Dark Lord Bane from gaining his. This is one of the most fun adventure games I have encountered, but it can be frustrating when you think you have a great set up, and it falls back right into the enemies’ attacks and they use them on you. I really miss having Puzzle Quest for the DS. Hell, I just muss the DS, but it is great to have this game on my PC. It’s much easier on the eyes to play it this way.