Review: Prince Of Persia Movie

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Jake Gyllenhaal from the prince of persia posterJust watched this film and it was great seeing the game that I originally saw played on the Apple II. I could have swore there was a Commodore64 version but couldn’t find a reference to it but that was over 20 years ago, but I did play the game before. It was a fun game then and from what I have seen of my son playing some of the newer versions, it is still a fun game. But this review is about the movie and not the game, just giving a pit of insight is all.

Any way, the film is great. It has Destan being played Jake Gyllenhaal who was the real lead of The Day After Tomorrow in my opinion as he was the one stuck in NY City. This is a film about how the prince came to be and his humble origins. You see he was not born a prince but was made a prince by the king of Persia just for standing up and doing what was right. The king saw it and after finding out that he was an orphan the king adopted him as his own. That is how he came to be a prince of Persia and as he had no royal blood, a safe son as he would not have designs on the throne.

Destan never looses his connection to the streets he grew up in and this is shown when you see the men that he commands. They are not your normal soldiers at all, they are more like gorilla fighters and stealth fighters that travel light and are able to think quick on their feet and use what ever is around them to be able to get things done. They fight like they would do if they were in their own back alleyways trying to survive. This makes them quite a good troop of men to get things done when nothing else will work. It also helps that Destan, while not malicious, doesn’t listen well to orders and will find ways to get things done when his other brothers can not. So, as it is shown in the film that when his brothers are using frontal assault tactics, Destan sneaks around the side and opens the gates and practically wins the battle for the army.

The city that is being attacked in the film is Alamut, a holy city that is never explained why it is holy, but you do find out why it is by the end of the film. It is the resting place of the Dagger of Time and the Sands of Time and the Persian army has been tricked in to believing that the city is making weapons for their enemies. They are not of course, it is just a ruse to get at the dagger, but you don’t really know who is wanting the dagger until two thirds the way though the film. I wont spoil the film and give you any more then that.

This film is great and entertaining and I think I just might go back and watch it again after I finish this review. You never even realize how long you have been sitting in one place, the film moves that fast and when you get to the end you feel great for seeing a wondrous film and yet sad that the ride is over. There is only one cure for that feeling and that is just to rewind it and watch it all over again. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as my family and I did.