The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding

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The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding takes place not long after the first movie. Kam Heskin has replaced Julia Stiles as Paige Morgan, but this works because two more films came after this one in the franchise, and Kam is not as well-known as Julia, but has a much fresher attitude to the series. Luke Mably comes back as King Edvard. Queen Mother Rosalind is played by 90s Bond Girl Maryam D’abo, and Retired King Harrald by David Fellowes. The practical and safe security guard, Soren, is back as well, and played by Jonathan Firth. Yes, that is Colin’s younger brother, by the way.

Over in Norway, Prince Albert (Jim Holt) is facing bankruptcy due to bad investments, and is looking for financial salvation. His accountant finds an archaic law that states the king of Denmark must be married before his twenty-third birthday to a Scandinavian princess, else he loses the throne. The prince has a daughter who has known Edvard since they were kids, and is the perfect bride to be to fix Prince Alberts money troubles. Though she seems very sweet and friendly, Princess Kirsten (Clemency Burton-Hill) is just as conniving as her father, and is doing everything to sabotage the upcoming wedding of Edvard and Paige. The tabloid press is everywhere and enjoying all the money they are making off selling papers. The stories about Paige’s bumbling mistakes are hot, and it leads to a rift between her and Edvard. This causes much doubt between them about if Paige is ready to become queen, even though the Danish people love her.

The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding is a great part of the Prince and Me collection, and if you are following the stories, you should see this movie. They are fun and cute, and would make for a great girl’s night party. With all the great press about the upcoming wedding of Wills and Kate, we should all celebrate by enjoying the stories of Edvard and Paige, as well.