The Prince & Me 3 : Royal Honeymoon

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This is the third in the franchise of a romantic comedy which started when the Crown Prince of Denmark went to a Wisconsin college whole looking for some diversion and Midwestern booty away from home. So far there have been four movies from the story of Edvard (Chris Geere) and Paige (Kam Heskin) of Denmark, and there is rumoured to be a fifth in the making. In this story, the new king and his bride are heading out for their Christmas holiday honeymoon to the Carribbean, but they are tired of being hounded by the press everywhere they go since the crazy wedding in The Prince & Me 2. Knowing that the press will most likely also be at their chosen vacation spot, Soren (Jonathan Firth) arranges things with the pilot to take them north to a protected Danish territory on the eastern Baltic seacoast, Belavia. They meet with an ex-boyfriend of Paige’s, Scott (Adam Croasdell) who is an international journalist that supposedly had been on assignment in Lithuania, and came to Belavia to research the wildlife reserve there. There they learn about some nasty environmental upheavals that have been put into works by the sneaky snake of a Danish Prime Minister, John Polonius (Todd Jensen). There is a huge oil deposit under the reserve, and since Denmark technically owns Belavia, Polonius is going to tap that deposit and tear down part of the reserve to do it. This does not sit well with the people of Belavia, nor with its ruling monarch, Prince Georgiev (Valentin Ganev). Polonius’ lackey, Oliver (Joshua Rubin), keeps popping up, doing whatever he can to sabotage Edvard and Paige in some manner, whether it be through the press or to delay them in taking an action that might impede the progress in making it to meetings or notifying Parliment about the situation in Belavia.

This sequel was just as much fun as the other movies, but there is still too much silly politics and back stabbing going on. I guess it will keep happening everywhere, no matter what part of the world you live, so long as greed is really the ruler of everyone who has means. Using young royals to give us a fresh perspective on going green is a good way to keep things that way. This movie is not quite as good as the original, but it has its merits. Soren is not so much of a staple in this movie as he is in the others, so that was a little disappointing, too. His transformation from straight-laced security detail to Red Bull-guzzling Xbox addict in the first movie was classic. Maybe we’ll see that Soren come back some day, but since he finally! got his own girl, maybe not. So, now he has a new addiction, and it is called Rayen. I’ll keep watching these movies about Edvard and Paige, because I want to see where this road leads. This was merely a bump in that road.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆