The Postman (1997)

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This post apocalyptic film stars the acting talents of Kevin Costner, Will Patton and Larenz Tate. The film is directed by Costner himself and is based of a book of the same name written by David Brin. This is definitely an epic film in both proportion and in scope and is not a quick view. This is a film that you really want to make sure that you have the time to watch so that the whole film sinks into your vary bones. Costner in the 90’s was known for his films like this, a time when going to see a movie was an experience and not just an after thought.

Costner plays a drifter that is walking the barren lances of the north west after a devastating world war. From the descriptions given in the film we can only assume that it was nuclear as dirty snow fell for 3 years and there was no rain for several years after that. The drifter, known also as the performer and then later the postman, we never know his true name, travels from town to town only stopping for supplies when he needs to. His stop after encountering a lion turns out to be both the worst and the best thing that happens to him. From there we see him shanghaied, drafted, conscripted, branded and nearly killed on several occasions. All of this just pushes him onward till he is cold, tired, hungry and soaking wet from the chilling rains that have started to fall.

It is at his worst moment in his life when he is nearly mad that he becomes The Postman. He doesn’t start that way but it just sort of casts its net on him and makes his simple con for food turn out to be his salvation and the salvation of others all around him. They say once you tell a lie you have to tell another to keep the other lie true. Once you have so many lies the only choice you have is to make them true or to die a shameful death. It might not be said exactly that way but it is true for Costner’s character in this film.

This film will make you mad, make you sad and have you crying tears of joy and sadness all through out this film. The Postman will make you think about who you really are as well as entertain you. It will just make you happy to be alive and have those that you love around you. This is a perfect addition to anyone’s collection of disaster films or the end of the world as we know it films. Thank you Kevin Costner!

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