Plumeboom: The First Chapter

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Ever play one of those games that you end up having to start over and over again, not because you just love it, but because you want to know what happens next. Plumeboom: The First Chapter is one of those games. It is not easy, and it is tricky, but you find you just can’t get enough of this popper game as you help Plumebloom destroy vials of tasty mind contol potions to prevent the birds of Orniland from becoming mind slaves to two evil wizard birds, Crowbeak and Cornix. Every new level brings new surprises and challenges, and you will find that Orniland is a pretty big place with many potions to be destroyed. Fans of the Bookworm games will be pleased to hear the voice behind Lex in Bookworm Adventures is back as Plumebloom, which makes this game even more fun when you hear that familiar voice.

Plumeboom: The First Chapter is not a typical popper game, in that the potion bottles come at you in rows rather than on a track, but you can gain random upgrades along the way in the game to help you destroy the potions quicker, and you are most definitely going to need every one you can get. This fast-paced popper game keeps your mouse-button fingers busy, because those potions fill up quick, and more colours are added along the way. Plumebloom is very very addictive!

Take on the challenge to save Orniland yourself, and check Plumeboom: The First Chapter , but be prepared to make many attempts, because you most definitely will want to!