Pixar’s The Incredibles (2004)

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Pixar movies never miss their mark, and the 2004 movie, The Incredibles, is most definitely a hit. This amazing movie about a superhero family trying to live life on the down low after a series of legal problems has sent those who have superpowers into hiding is a great roller coaster ride. Mr. Incredible, Bob Parr, is known for his super strength. His wife, Helen, has a super elastic body that can mold into almost any kind of shape. They have three kids, Dash, who has the gift of super speed, and Violet, who can go invisible and create force fields. The youngest is Jack-Jack, who is just a baby, but turns out to biggest surprise of them all.

Back in the day, Bob was the ultimate superhero, and it seemed there was nothing he could not do, from rescuing a cat in a tree while stopping bank robbers, to shaking off a crazed young fan while trying to stop a train wreck. Not long after this, Bob’s life does a complete turn-around when a man he rescued from a suicide attempt sues him for causing him an injury. Other superheroes are also hit with lawsuits, and a witch hunt goes out on all superheroes in the country.

Fifteen years later, Bob has an urge to still be a do-gooder, and once a week, he and his friend, Lucious, another superhero, whose codename was Frozone, back in the day, who can freeze any water in the area, listen to the police scanners to find bad guys to bust, or any other situation where they can help out. They are still doing this on the down low, because the government has relocated all the superheros for their legal “own good”. Things take a turn for the worst when the soft-hearted Bob loses his job after decking his lowlife sleaze of a boss at the insurance company he works for. It turns out that a femme fatale has been watching Bob, to make sure he’s the one her boss has been looking for, and she offers him an amazing job that will bring him back into the superhero game.

Bob takes the job, and tackles crazed killer robots that have been let loose on a tropical island. He never tells Helen about the new job. All she knows is that her husband is happier since his new “promotion” and that he looks better than ever, and is enjoying his family life again. Bob goes to a fashion designer, Edna Mode, to fix a rip in his old suit, and this is when Helen finds out about Bob’s new job. This is where the real adventure takes over.

The world of the incredibles has a 1960s space-agey kind of feel to it, with the retro rocket furniture and other designs that were popular at the time. Even the movie’s media outlets within the story feel to be from that time. This is one of Pixar’s finest works, and it even won 2 Oscar, plus had 33 other awards and 39 nominations. This is a movie everybody loves, even the critics, and we know how hard it is to get the general public and the critics to agree.

Take two hours this weekend with your DVD or Blu-ray player and your own family and enjoy this amazing movie. Order a pizza and some pop, because you won’t want to stop an be making popcorn in the middle of this one, or you might miss something. You don’t want to miss any of The Incredibles!

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