Pioneer Lands

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

We’ve taken on the Roman Empire, the Stone Age, the Two Kingdoms of Egypt, and now it is time to take on the American West in Pioneer Lands. In this strategy builder, you work out of a homestead, trying your best to forge living on the wild frontier. Take out rocks that bar your way from crops that will make you money, use fallen logs to fill ravines to get to gold deposits. Grow beans for the tastiest baked beans west of Boston, and negotiate with Native Americans to let you travel through their lands to get to new resources.

Pioneer Lands is another of these city builders, where we clear away lands and make some money while keeping our settlers happy, but the game has its flaws. We expect the graphics in these kinds of games to be cartoony, but these workers were blocky and their movements were slower than in game like these that we have seen before. The levels are timed, but the allotted time to get expert mode could have been lengthened when you consider how long it takes to get extra workers. To get enough cash to get an extra worker takes a bit too long when there is far too much clearing needed to be done to get the items to make the flour or beans or whatever it is you might sell at the general store to hire a new worker on your homestead. There are lots of builder strategy games out there, and if you like the Wild West, Pioneer Lands might be worth a look, but for pure building strategy, there are many other games set in other places that give you the experience at a much better pace.