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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

There are so many of these dark mystery games out there, so you might be wondering what makes this one different. Curiosity might kill this cat, but you will want to know how things happened, and why this town that supposedly got wiped out in a flood still has a few people hanging around. Also, why are they making you do all the work? Some look like normal people, some look like they could be ghosts or maybe revanants, undead that are completely aware and independently intelligent, but still under control of someone or something. Unlike many hidden object mystery games, you have a choice when doing the hidden object puzzles. If finding the items in those dark, wet pictures gets too difficult, you can switch the game to a Match 3 puzzle, and keep sliding the bars down until you find all the items. The Match 3 puzzler does this for you.

This game, which starts on a “dark and stormy night“, has a very European feel to it, but it was hard to tell exactly where this ill-fated town was located at, but I can tell you that the old hotel was not the Bates Motel. The Bates looked like The Four Seasons compared to this place. You will want to keep learning about the people of this town, and why thing turned out the way they did. You will want to know who might be really alive, and who is dead, or undead. Phantasmat will keep you guessing in lots of ways, from the hidden objects and logic puzzles, to the mystery that keeps it altogether. Try Phantasmat, if you dare!