Pet Rush: Arround the World

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

I was so frustrated with Pet Rush: Arround the World, I didn’t even play it for an hour. The game was too demanding, and the gameplay itself was confusing. In this game, two friends meet, and one is looking for a new job, the other has a chain of successful pet stores in the US and wants to expand overseas. They open a store in the U.K.,and it goes from there. You start off selling dogs and cats, then birds are added, then fish, and so on. There are regular customers, annoy customers, and downright troublemakers, and getting rid of them can be difficult, because you must click on an exact spot, or else they might cause a scene, or even steal your animals. The regular customers are very impatient, but before you can take them to the pet they want, you must go through a battery of per care tasks before you can send the animals off to their new homes.

Feeding, grooming, entertaining, cleaning up, etc. Once the animals is well-fed and sparkling, literally! you can send them off with a new master or mistress. Getting to that point is exhausting, and the fun factor in Pet Rush: Arround the World completely sinks. It is supposed to be a time management game, but there are far too many things to do to reach the goal to enjoy it. The graphics are deadpan average, and the animals aren’t even all that cute. There are many of these kinds of games out there, so find another one. Pet Rush: Arround the World just leaves you feeling way to rushed. There is enough odd stress out there with people playing online RPGs and trying to one up each other. It’s bad enough that they take those games so seriously, but games like this should not be. It’s entertainment, not a job, but the devs that put together Pet Rush: Arround the World should have been doing theirs a bit better.