Perfect Dark Zero

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Perfect Dark Zero is like Lara Croft meets James Bond, but more like a Sci-Fi story. I had played this one before when the XBOX 360 first came out. There were alot of bugs & glitches in this, but Rare had already fixed that problem. The game takes places in the year 2020. So, it is before the first game. This is game shows how Joanna became a bounty hunter or spy or whatever. The story in this game is not all that great. I had hard time understanding it, but the story is really boring. The multi-player is impressive. It brings backs the days when me and my friends were playing Halo like crazy on the original Xbox and this game is like it, but Halo is still better. You can have a friend with you on story mode as well.

When you are playing on the story mode, it hard to play it all by yourself. So, I had to get a one friend to help me beat the story mode. We mostly played multi-player instead the story. The gameplay does runs like the first Halo game, but better. The gameplay runs alot smoother and more fun, but you can’t jump in this game. I wish I could, but I can’t.

The graphics looks amazing. This is the first Xbox 360 game, but it looks ten times better than the Call of Duty games and Quake 4. This game looks more detailed than the others are, but not the characters. The characters looks more they came from a PS2 game instead of a XBOX 360. Overall levels looks amazing. The soundtrack in this game like a 70’s action movie, like Shaft or Dirty Harry. Come on! This is a Sci-Fi game, not a 70’s action film. If I want to play games that like are like 70’s action films, I would rather played The Warriors because that game is in the 70’s.

This game is a good game, but the problem is that the game is short and the story is boring. Great gameplay and graphics, but the story is just boring. The first game that was released on N64 was better. It had good story and the game takes a while to beat. If want to play this game, I would rather rent than buy because, it is not worth it. I like the original better than this game. So, just rent this one. The first game, though, buy that one, but this game, no.