Path To Success

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Fun Factor:★★★★¾ 

Fun simulation game that will keep you on your toes and competing and Keeping up with the Joneses as you try and reach each goal that the game throws at you. Don’t worry though, if you don’t get your goal before your opponent you are still able to keep going till you do reach it. Once you have reached a goal in the game it will give you another to complete and a different opponent or friend to try and reach the goal first. With each goal mastered before your competitor you will receive rewards and trophies but just reaching the goal itself gets you rewards along the way. This is one game that is going to keep you busy and entertained and wondering where the time went while you were playing it.

You start the game out by first choosing who you are and I am not just meaning your name, you actually have to choose who you will be. After you have chosen your name you will then get to choose the gender of your playing avatar. You don’t have to choose what you are now but you can choose any gender you want to play and then some fun can begin. Once you have chosen the gender you are taken to the next screen where you can choose your body style, and they have many to choose from and then pick the head to fit the body. There are a great many different combinations that you can make and that in itself can keep you entertained for a while. Its fun to see the many different possibilities that are available. Then it is off to color choices where you decide what color your hair, your skin and your eyes are going to be.

Now that you have your avatar made it is time to get into the game and start working toward your Path To Success. You first start out in a small cheep apartment that has next to nothing in it, not even a refrigerator, you have to work to get all of that stuff. The employment office is at City Hall and you just go there and choose the job that you want to do. You can’t take the highest paying jobs without having the skills to do them and your character doesn’t have any skills. Once you have applied for a job that you are qualified for you need to eat and there is a convenient Cafe that you are going to spend a lot of time visiting. Until you are able to buy a refrigerator and food from the Grocery Store it is the only way that you are going to be able to eat. If you don’t eat your character starts to starve and your day is shortened making it harder to get things done. This might seem like micro management but this is a simulation game after all.

Now it might seem like there is a lot going on but the game does have a very good tutorial that will guide you through the first few days of the game and shows you where to go to you can get started enjoying the game. It will even show you have to be able to finish you first few tasks and give you helpful advice on how to advance in the game. As to skills for each job, remember you can only get a job that you are qualified for, there is a Tech School that you can take classes from. You can learn retail, animal care and training, business and many other skills classes there. Each class you take will give you either stats, experience or skill points that are required for the various jobs that you can get at City Hall.

The game is not just about advancement but about enjoyment as well if you know what to look for. One night in game there was a UFO that decided to stop at the Cafe to get a bite to eat, it was hilarious. Also when your character moves from place to place there is a interesting and funny icon of a person running, just the legs, but it in itself is entertaining to watch. You can even get pets and go to the movies in the game. This game truly is a Path To Success fun and is one that you are going to enjoy from the very start of the game.