Paradise Pet Salon

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

I found Paradise Pet Salon to be very addictive and cute, and a great diversion over the holidays. While the graphics were not all that great, the gameplay and cute animals made up for it. We are playing as a young lady that had always dreamed of working for Pet Corp as a groomer, but when she fails at creating repeat business by making clients pets sparkling clean and healthy, she hurts the bottom line, and is let go. Her dream is not over, because now she is going to take them on with her own independent pet salon, and will eventually run a small chain of her own.

Clients bring in their cats and dogs for baths, clippings, brushings, massages, etc., and we have to do all these services in a timely manner, or both the client and their furry friend will get impatient and leave. When we lose a patience heart, the game reminds us with a cute little “meow” or “woof”. :3 Sometimes service requests will be multiple, and the pet owners might want to make a big spa day for their friend. Other times, it might just be time for a dip. We build bonuses by taking on two pets at a time, and the more animals we have at our stations at one time, the bigger the bonuses get. Along the way, between store hours, we buy upgrades, decor, and hire staff members. Games like this remind us that personal service will win the day, no matter how much the corporations want us to think differently, and that is the key to repeat business. Go brew up a cup of organically grown herbals into a tea, and enjoy it along with Paradise Pet Salon on this cold December day, and celebrate. I know I will, because today is my birthday!