Panda Gourmet

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I could have found a better way to spend an hour of gaming, because Panda Gourmet was not worth the time I put into it. It is the typical Match 3 game, you have to match food items on a grid to fill Panda’s order, and even though eventually you get tools to help you, the sounds that come from the game when you use them has to be among the world’s top ten most annoying noises.

Panda Gourmet, really stupid what more can I say? I guess I can say more… stay away from this game. There are far better match 3 games out there, from the Seven Wonders series, and Jungo, and the one game that will keep you up all night, The Heroes of Kalevela. If you need a match 3 fix, then go get one of these, and leave Panda Gourmet behind. As kawaii as that annoying panda might be, he’s not worth your time. Now, go get your game, and don’t even bother with Panda Gourmet. It’s just that lame!