The Pitfalls Of Site Transfer

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It is good to finally be back and blogging again about all my nutty ideas and topics. For any of you that have been following my blog you will have noticed that the blog has not been updated in a few days and it was even off line for at least 2 days. 2 days might not seem a lot of time but when you are doing things online that can seem like an eternity as you are just itching to take and get going again. It is so good to have the blog up and running again.

A few days ago I found that it would be beneficial and better to have my site and the blogs as well as the phpBBS hosted on another server. In this case it is actually on a cloud server that is provided by Web Hosting Period They have some really good deals and so far the site is running faster and better then it was on the old server. Speed and reliability was the reason for the switch and so far I am really pleased at the results.

What HFCS takes away, and why they are so important:Magnesium

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Another very important mineral that is depleted by altered corn sugars is Magnesium (Mg). According to /, Magnesium deficiency can lead to:
Common conditions such as mitral valve prolapse, migraines, attention deficit disorder, fibromyalgia, asthma and allergies have all been linked to a Mg deficiency. Perhaps not coincidentally, these conditions also tend to occur in clusters together within the same individual. A magnesium deficiency as a root cause would provide a logical explanation of why some people suffer from a constellation of these types of problems. There other various symptoms that are similar to that which are cited along with the loss of copper and chromium as well, like diabetes, ADD, and asthma. Now is a perfect time to take advantage of the winter squash treats that are rich in magnesium. Enjoy the annual salty taste of roasted pumpkin, acorn, and butternut squash seeds for a great magnesium boost. Brazil nuts, and quinoa are rich in MG, and are available all year long. There are many ways to enhance your diet with Mg rich foods. This list,

What’s Up With The Tea Party

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You know it is great that a 3rd party is trying to make strides but I am not so sure about the platform it is being built on. They claim right on their website that they are “A community committed to standing together, shoulder to shoulder, to protect our country and the Constitution upon which we were founded!” I am not convinced of that at all. If they were to interact with our founding fathers I am sure they would have tried to have them lynched or burned at the stake as heretics. Our founders were not right wing Christians nor were they straight laced homophobes. Some played on both sides of the fence and no one cared about it. Many of our founders were not even christian. You can find many articles and books on just how “interesting” our founders were. The Tea Party says they want to take us back to the values of our founders, Right….

What HFCS takes away, and why they are so important:Chromium

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Simple information about the mineral Chromium, from the NY Times:
Chromium is important in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Chromium stimulates fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, which are important for brain function and other body processes. It is an activator of several enzymes, which are needed to drive numerous chemical reactions necessary to life. Chromium is also important in insulin metabolism.

Chromium is only needed in trace amounts, but as it stimulates enzymes and and metobolism, it is essential in keeping the body healthy and insulin production on track. Lack of insulin leads to type-2 diabetes, and where that leads to is… going to be discussed in a future blog. Great sources for chromium are also the ones you find copper in. Basic meat proteins, bananas, spinach, apples, are just a few places, and they are foods we all love, so getting chromium back into a HFCS-laden system is not that difficult, once the altered corn sugar has been taken out. That is a slow process, and it takes time and lots and lots of discipline. Some green tea will help one along the way, so long as it is not sweetened with HFCS. Some basic condiments even can provide chromium, like black pepper, and butter.

Review: Multiplex

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Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies
Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies
Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies
Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies
Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies

Multiplex is an online comic about a fictitious movie theater Multiplex 10 Cinemas located in a fictional suburb of Chicago. The comic is full of drama, so way full of drama with a cast of characters that will keep you coming back for more.

The following is taken directly from their information page and instead of trying to paraphase it I figured I would just give it to you as is since it is written so well anyway. “Multiplex is a twice-weekly online comic about the movie-loving and customer-weary staff of your local movie theater. It is written and illustrated by Gordon McAlpin. It has been running continuously since July, 2006, and serves over 55,000 unique visitors per month (to the tune of 225,000 pageviews per month).” No matter what standard you set for comics online this one is good by any of those standards. I don’t care what anyone might say otherwise.