Pacific Rim – To fight monsters we created monsters

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Pacific-Rim-2013-Movie-Poster-ArtI just finished watching Pacific Rim and this movie is great! This movie is like Gundam meets Independence Day. This about these aliens called Kaijus are destroying the human race. They came out of the Pacific Ocean. They went and destroy few cities by these aliens. Now human is building some big and more powerful to destroy these aliens. And they got themselves a monster to destroy them. Could they defeat the Kaijus? Find out when you are watching this movie!

This movie is better than Gundam. I know I’m Gundam fan, but this movie blow Gundam away, and almost blows Godzilla away. This movie is the best action sci-fi movie I have ever seen of 2013. I like the CGI effects of this movie. I like the Big Robots, what they did and I like what they did with the giant aliens. This movie does remind of the anime, Godanner, because two people are piloting in one big robot. Sometimes this movie will remind of that PS2 game, RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive, with its similar plot.

The two main characters of this movie name Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori. Those two do love each other and care for each other. There commanding officer is Stacker Pentecost. The person who is playing as Raleigh is Charlie Hunnam. Charlie Hunnam played in ten films. This one is only one I seen him in. The person who plays as Mako Mori is Rinko Kikuchi. She is way cuter than the person who is playing Azumi. I’m thinking she did some anime voice acting in Japan and I’m thinking she did some live action movies over there as well. The person who play as Stacker Pentecost is Idris Elba. I have only seen of any of his films. I saw him in Thor, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance which that movie was stupid, and this film.

In this movie you will see two crazy scientists will work together, and they will fight like dogs and cats sometimes. Those two scientists names are Dr. Newton Geiszler and Dr. Hermann Gottieb. The person who play as Dr. Newton Geiszler is Charlie Day. I have only seen him in this movie. He playing in a new movie coming out next year,The Lego Movie. That movie will look pretty good to see. I have played Lego video games before, but this Lego movie might look good. The person who playing as Dr. Hermann Gottieb is Burn Gorman, and he played as Owen Harper on the BBC TV show, Torchwood.

This movie you got to see. If you are a Gundam fan, Godzilla fan, or big robot Vs. giant monster movie fan, you will like this movie. If you do not, then this movie is not for you. If you didn’t see this movie, you got to see it. So watch Pacific Rim.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★