Pachinko Pop

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

If you like the strategy of the Pacific Rim standard arcade game of pachinko, then you will love Pachinko Pop! We start with a silly storyline, of an artifact sending an amateur archeologist and her nephew in a blast to the past. They find themselves in Egypt, and now they have to play their way throughout the ancient lands along the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to find a way home.

They will hunt for treasure, defeat dangerous creatures, and appease the gods of gaming on their fun journey. As this is a Free to Play game, you will get tempted to buy gold with real cash, but with enough patience and skill, you should not have to. Maybe you have come across other games similar to this, like Peggle Deluxe, and the gameplay is very similar, but instead of using an animal sponsor to help you along with each puzzle, you get random pegs that can boost your score or help you along in the puzzle challenges. This game is fun to play on a full screen setting, but the cut scenes are not that appealing, graphically. This game is really not all that fun for its looks, but as for its skill challenge, it is worth everything you put into it, which can be everything, or nothing at all. It’s amazing how much freedom Free to PLay games give you if you don’t get too tempted by them, but that in itself is a challenge with Pachinko Pop