Over The Hedge : Get Over It.

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It is really cute to see suburbia from a new POV, and when scheming rascal, R.J. (Bruce Willis) the raccoon finds himself in the midst of a small green oasis of nature nestled in the developed community of El Rancho Camelot in debt to a homicidal bear, the fur is going to fly, but we really don’t know whose fur it is. Let’s find out how R.J. got into this pickle of a predicament in the first place.

R.J. is a scavenger, and human leavings are a pretty good food source, but the travel season has been lean, as it is the end of winter, and the pickings are slim, except for in one place. The cave of Vincent (Nick Nolte), a big bear with a bigger, badder attitude. When R.J. sees Vincent’s stash, he goes after the goods, and is about to leave with everything bundled up in a bright red wagon and bold blue cooler when Vincent wakes up from his hibernation sleep, a week early. R.J. is so busted, and almost makes it out of the cave, but R.J. got greedy and had to have some Spuddies (a type potato crisp similar to Pringles). This is what snaps Vincent, and as he’s about to let R.J. go, Fate develops a cruel sense of humour, and the red wagon full of crispy goodies, both salty and sweet goes sliding out of the cave, down the hill, and out on the highway. It stops, and both creatures are relieved, but a split second later, it gets obliterated by an 18 wheeler, and Vincent goes ballistic.

R.J.’s fast-talk saves him from certain death, and he promises to replace everything he tried to steal, and he has only a week to do it in. He wanders off, and soon finds himself in a forest glade, safe for the moment, but unsure of where to start to repay his debt. The next morning, he meets with several forest creatures, and they soon find out that their habitat has been cut down in size and they are surrounded by a huge human community. These creatures are foragers, and with their help, R.J. can get everything he needs to pay Vincent.

This little mismatched family of critters features a wise, but unconvincing, turtle, Verne (Garry Shandling), an overly hyperactive red squirrel, Hammy (Steve Carell), a father-daughter possum team, Ozzie (William Shatner) and Heather (Avril Lavigne), a family of porcupines, Lou (Eugene Levy), Penny (Catherine O’Hara), and their little brood, Bucky (Sami Kirkpatrick), Spike (Shane Baumel), and Quillo (Madison Davenport), and lastly, Stella (Wanda Sykes), a skunk with an attitude far more deadly than her spray. As the crew is waking from their winter sleep, they discover that they were very short on food supplies, and that they need to refill the old hollow log that they use for their hoard in the winter. These little guys are used to bark, nuts, and berries, but when Hammy discovers the hedge at the back of their glade, he gets scared, and shows it to them. Verne is the first one to check out the other side of the hedge, and is bombarded by all the decorations in the backyard of the home of Gladys (Allison Janney), along with many of the other things a small animal might encounter in suburbia. Gladys is the president of the El Rancho Camelot homeowner’s association, and is always concerned about property values, and freaks when she sees Verne.

R.J. has to convince these foragers that this is a golden opportunity, and does so with a magical dust called nacho cheese flavoured tortilla chip powder. He then goes on to tell the creatures about all the great food the humans have and all the ways they get it. Thus begins a furry little thievery ring dedicated to filling the log and making the people of El Rancho Camelot crazy, especially Gladys and the hired exterminator, Dwayne (Thomas Haden Church) go Over the Hedge.

This movie is one that never gets old, and even has music that is worth listening to after to film is over, such as this one :

Pop this DVD in during your Thanksgiving weekend, and you’ll keep everyone happy after the feast, and their will be lots of laughter filling that media room for a good hour and a half. What a good way to ease the digestion, keep all those overly energetic kids happy, and keep the cooks sane. Seriously, no one will even think of wanting to raid the kitchen for Spuddies.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆