Outta This Kingdom

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Alawar games has brought us a retro 70s Saturday Morning cartoon kind of a game in Outta This Kingdom. The beginning starts with a young housewife on a desert vacation with her cat, Martha. Rachel is like a brunette Barbie, she even drives a big pink Cadillac, with fins and everything. Why she is out on a lone vacation, we do not know, but we do know that she has caught the eye of an evil wizard that is lusting for a powerful piece of jewelry she owns. Rachel does not know it, but in this magic kingdom in a parallel world, she has the ability to control elementals.

The evil wizard, Zircon (as if you didn’t see that coming) brings her, the cat, and the car to his world, but misses the mark, and she and her property land in a swamp instead. There she meets a strapping blond man, Jake, that is going to help her get home, but there are so many things she will have to do to get enough magic to do so. It is hard enough for Rachel to get used to the fact that Martha can talk, and oddly, she sounds just like Luna from Sailor Moon! Then we begin a time management adventure involving a haughty knight, gingerbread barbarians, a ice witch, a cyclops scientist, and the powers to take down destructive elementals, build homes, farms, sawmills and other little villages along the way.

We have seen many games like Outta this Kingdom before, these time management builders, but I do like the 70s retro aspect of this one. I do not like the fact that the casual games market is getting glutted by these kinds of games, though. Alawar needs to come up with something original and new, else this will just get stuffed away on the hard drive with all those other games just like with with different themes and graphics. Except for the lack of originality (Jack of All Tribes, anyone?) I think I could play a few levels of Outta This Kingdom and be satisfied.