Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

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orphenOrphen: Scion of Sorcery takes after the anime series Orphen. This is the first PlayStation2 game released on to the PlayStation2. When we got the PlayStation2, it was when it first came out. We had gotten two games. One was Ridge Racer V and the other was Orphen: Scion of Sorcery. We had gotten Orphen: Scion of Sorcery because we watched the anime series. We went to Toys R Us and saw the game over there. We saw it on sale, and snatched it up.

This is all about a Sorcerer named Orphen and his friends, Clio and Apprentice Sorcerer, Majik, as they are going on a tip to Arvanrama, but a little man named Volcan was tricking Orphen and his friends get on the wrong boat. They were on the boat for awhile, but then a monster that came out of nowhere and destroyed the boat. Orphen, his friends, and three other travelers they meet are Sephy, Zeus, and Mar are now on an island, Chaos Island. The island are full of monsters and other dangerous traps. It up to them get off the island before the evil happens.

This game is kind of like Tomb Raider meets Final Fantasy. The traps are far more dangerous than Tomb Raider. Traps in this game are a pain in the butt. I hate the traps in this game more than monsters. Monsters are a bit harder to beat than the Final Fantasy monsters. There are some bosses in this game, but the bosses are a much harder than those monsters you run into before. After you beat one of the bosses, you get a spell to use in any battle you run into.

When you are playing this game, you will run into treasure chests. Treasure chests will only have items. Items in this game are healing potions. The graphics in this game are OK, but not better than Ridge Racer V. The graphics in this game look like Nintendo 64 graphics. Considering that it was the first PlayStation2 game, it is going to look like that. The gameplay in this game is great. It runs like Tomb Raider: Legend. That is pretty cool. The Publisher of this game is Activision. I played many of Activision games and there mostly Call of Duty and Spider-Man. They do make lots of good games. The developer of this game is Shade. I never played any of the Shade games before. If you watch the anime series Orphen you will love this game. If you want RPG game that has traps and harder monsters, it is the game you need to get.