Onimusha: Warlords

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Onimusha: Warlords is kind of like one older Resident Evil game, but not. This game is set in feudal Japan, not in a mansion and you’re killing demons instead of zombies. This game has a good storyline. The story is about a samurai named Samanosuke. He kills demons to save his girlfriend, Princess Yuki. He has to kill demons so he can save her from Nobunaga.

Nobunaga is the leader of the demons. He gets help from a female ninja named Kaede. She looks your average ninja and she has tattoo on her leg. So, it like Kurosawa meets Legend of Zelda. It sounded like more Legend of Zelda when I was playing the game. The gameplay runs like Resident Evil. I had trouble with the controls. The controls are little bit easy, but not movement. To move your character, you have to use the D-pads instead of Analog stick. The analog stick is good for bow and gun. The graphics looks more like Resident Evil than PS2 graphics, but characters looks more like a normal PS2 game. The characters looks more detailed and look a little bit real.

This game was a originally was going be for the PSone, but the PS2 came out before this game did. So, Capcom made this game for the PS2 instead. All they had to do was change the graphics. The soundtrack in this game like Soul Calibur game, but more feudal japan in to it. This game is really good game to play, but there is one problem. The game is short. You will play this game for about 5 hours long unless you died few times. So, it will be 6 hours long instead. After I beat the game, it said I played for 5 hours straight. There is there are 4 games of the series. This one is the first game. If you want to play the series, play this one first before you play the other. This game is for PS2 and XBOX, but get the PS2 instead. The PS2 version has less problems with the controls instead of the XBOX. XBOX has far more painful controls than the PS2.