Old Clockmaker’s Riddle

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I know that match 3 games are supposed to relaxing, but please don’t try to put me to sleep. I’ve got access to Tullamore Dew for that. While this game has bright, pretty graphics, the background music is just so easy listening, you would think you had tuned into an instrumental easy listening station from the 1970s early FM days. Those of you from Central Ohio might remember that lame, boring granny music station that was one notch down from WNCI, which is still one of the hottest stations in the nation. I don’t think that other one is even still around.

What is happened in Old Clockmaker’s Riddle is that you find an old watch, and you are compelled to find its origins, since it has some odd paranormal traits about it. This takes you to a town that is collapsing in time, and crumbling slowly before your eyes. The way we bring the town back to life is to play the match 3 gem puzzles, one building at a time. While the atmosphere of the game has a magical quality to it, the casual aspect soon takes over, and we find ourselves looking forward to finding the end of the puzzle so we can quit, because now this game is not unlike some other Match 3 Games we have tried.

While it has a buy your upgrades menu, which you purchase with the gems you earn in-game, it still does not stop this game from being boring. Keep on being bedazzled and bejeweled if you must, but if you want to take on Old Clockmaker’s Riddle make sure you turn down the sound and replace it with something more Disturbed or primal like KMFDM to keep you awake. On second thought, just scrap the game, and crank the tunes.