Of Truth And Beasts : A Novel Of The Noble Dead

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This is the third book in the second series of The Noble Dead Saga by Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee. This book continues the adventures of Chane and Wynn Hygeorth, a journeyor of the Guild of Sagecraft and he protector Mahayji named Shade. They have returned from the Dwarven city of Dhredze Seatt with some of what they sought. Wynn now has her journals but they paid a very high price to get them. They have also picked up another traveler as well, Ore-Locks, a Stonewalker and keeper of the dead who is also a descendant of one of the worst dwarves in their oral history. He wants to clear his ancestors name and knows that little Wynn and her peculiar friend will be able to help him.

With all that happened in the Dwarven underworld Wynn knows she is in for it from the guild. She knows that she needs to go south to find the fallen city of Baalale Seatt. She is sure that one of the orbs, one of the anchors of creation is hidden there. She knows that it is a representative of one of the 5 elements and knows that the enemy is going to need it in the war that is sure to come. She needs to find it and make sure that it is kept safe from the enemy. She also hopes that she will be able to find more answers as to why the Guild of Sagecraft has been shutting her out and trying to silence her.

The guild wants Wynn out of the way but not dead, they just want everyone to think that she is totally crazy and not to be trusted. One way in their mind is to accuse her of stealing journals that they had take from her. When she heard this she threatened them with a counter suit of her own to retrieve and keep her own property. Seeing that Wynn was not going to back down they insinuate that she is responsible for the lose of a member of the royal family. She just shrugged this off and pointed out that they would not be able to do that for if they did they would have to reveal a lie that has been told to the whole population. After that she was dismissed but she demanded that she be able to travel south to do research at the Elven branch of the guild.

Wynn was no longer the shy child from the past, she was now learning what it took to make things get done and the guild was starting to realize this. Seeing that there was no way to stop her they try another tactic. They were going to give her exactly what she wanted but with a couple of strings attached, she was to deliver 2 letters along her way. She has no idea what they are and doesn’t know exactly what until it is too late. The letters she caries are more of a hindrance then she ever thought that they could be. You could even say that she was delivering her own sentence to the person to implement that sentence. She was to be kept from all help and all knowledge. They wanted to make sure there was no way for her to cause trouble.

Chane has started experimenting with Welstiel bag of tricks and toys again as well as the materials that he got from the monastery in the mountains. He has to find a way to keep the beast inside of him at bay and make sure that Wynn is constantly protected. He has to find a way to make the filthy little cup work so he doesn’t have to kill as well as find out how the violet potion works and how it is made. He is learning more and more about himself and his kind while trying to make the best of it and be as normal as possible in appearance. If he doesn’t figure these things out he feels that he will not be able to protect Wynn from the Fay that are after her.

This story grabs hold of you and just wont let go till you either finish it or fall asleep reading it. The intricate details and weaving of the plot will have you on the edge of you seat and sometimes almost in tears as you see the struggles that all four go through. The book keeps you guessing all the way to the end and you wont believe what is in store for them all. Of Truth And Beasts is a perfect edition to the take that Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee are weaving together for us all to read.