Occupy Wall Street And Other Thoughts

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What is happening now in New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Tokyo and the rest of the world is long overdue. Too long have the ultra elite and the ultra rich held their collective thumb on the people of this world. It is because of that attitude that we had the first American Revolution and frankly I am quite surprised that nothing like this hasn’t happened yet till now. It is something that has to be stopped and I don’t mean people making money or getting rich. If a person wants to be able to better themselves they need to be given the opportunity and not just told they can’t do it. Every time a person is turned down for a job they are not loosing a job, they are loosing the ability to have a life. If they can’t work then they can’t spend and I don’t know about the rest of the world but that usually means starving to death or suicide because of massive depression. If you look at it that way who is really killing who?

The so called ultra conservative rich are nothing more then slave masters in nice suits. They don’t want to pay anyone for anything, all they want to do is force people to work for them for as little as possible. I would call that slavery and with the way that many of the politicians have been talking they need their faces slapped and kicked forcefully out of office for the things that they say and do. If a poor person were to try and do what they do they would be thrown in jail and the key thrown away. Until the idiotical politicians get it through their thick heads and starved brains that they work for the people of America and other nations and not just who can put the most money in their pockets we are going to see continued unrest. Warlords steal from the poor and force them out and say that it is the peoples fault. Boy doesn’t that sound familiar with what we have been seeing on TV and the net lately. The politicians want the blame on us and say it is our fault that the country is the way that it is. That is totally slanderous insult to the hard working people of every nation.

How can all this mess be our fault, the middle and lower or poor classes? How is it our fault that you wont hire us? How is it our fault that we cant get money for college? How is it our fault that we do everything we can to try and support ourselves and our families and tell us that everything that we have done, everything that you have told us to do wasn’t even worth the time that we put into it? How is it our fault that when we learned our trades that there was no college degree for it and now you demand to have one? Haven’t any of you heard about that little thing called EXPERIENCE? Haven’t you ever heard that when you hire someone with experience and life experience as well that you are getting a huge windfall? I honestly think that they don’t even know about any of this. They have their heads too far up each others butts to see any of it. They simple do not care.

There are some that do care but for everything that they do for the good there seems to be 20 or more others that are doing something to make sure that what they have tried to do for us doesn’t mean anything. They want us all to be their peasants and surf and they don’t give a damn about us. Here in the United States the Republican Party is trying to say that the reason the economy isn’t better is that they need more money for the rich. I say Bull Shit! During the Clinton White House everyone was making money and they were making even more money. I don’t think they, and this is my opinion, can even remember what has happened just a year ago. They are so caught up in themselves and their blame games that they can not even see what is happening around them.

Now do you know why they are in office and doing all this to us? It is not the money or the promises that they have made, no, it is all the crap that they have whitewashed over your eyes. They take the truth and then twist it to mean anything that they want. The claim that they do this for the greater good but the only good that is happening is that their wallet keeps getting better. To make sure that we stay dumb and idiots for them to control they take away the things that will make us see what is happening. They close down the libraries, they shut down shelters they get rid of music and art from the schools and they fire all the teachers that actually want to educate us. Then they make college so damned expensive that you have to be wealthy to be able to go to one. 100,000 for a 4 year BA or BS degree is total BS. If we have to go to college to get a job then you better damned well give us the education for free and quit crapping on us.

Occupy Wall Street and all the other Occupy movements have a rough road ahead of them but if they can stay the course and make people really see what is happening then maybe all those rich shits will flee to some island and leave all the rest of us alone to make the world a truly better place for us all to live. Which brings another thing, many of the politicians in the US keep talking about religion and whether or not a politician or person believes in god. Notice I used and little “g” and not a big one? Religion has no place in politics at all. Sure it can shape your morals but it is not what a government is supposed to be shaped or setup on. If you want a theocracy and all that it can give you just look at all those Middle Eastern states and the repression that is there. If you want something like that go there and see just how long you are able to keep your life.

The world needs change in a way that promotes growth. We need ideas and thoughts that will promote wellness and spark innovation and the only way you are going to get that is if a person is healthy and well educated. Not everyone has to be a doctor and we sure as hell don’t need as many lawyers. We need artists, poets, writes, draftsmen and innovators that are willing to look further then just a stupid corner office. We have people like that now but they are not allowed to do anything because the tools that they need are being stripped from then and the shackles of slavery and poor health and living are being put in their place. We need this to stop and we need it to change.

Every damned politician on the Hill in Washington D.C. needs to be booted out all at once and completely replaced with those that know what it is like to do without. We need people that have seen just how bad it can get and what it takes to get by. We need people that know that you can’t spend what you don’t have. We don’t need a filthy rich banker with no soul to tell us that we have to pay for some rich mans dinner. Tell me rich screw balls, when all the poor are gone who is going to wash your car and serve your food? As bad as it is getting you might just want to stay inside forever because you are starting to really piss people off. Wait, you already have!