Noah (2014) The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning

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Noah-2014-Movie-PosterWe all know the story of Noah, at least any and all that have even heard about the bible. Even those that have not know many of the great flood stories that are all around the world. They all have a very common theme of a man, his wife and a few children saving the world from massive flood waters. How do they save the world? They save it by building an ark for themselves and all the animals that they can find so that something will remain. This version of Noah is no different except it has biblical threads woven in and around it. That is what makes it so controversial, it is based on the biblical story.

Many Christians and religious extremists have been blasting this film for pretty much one scene in the film. In that scene Noah, played by Russell Crow, tells his family the story of creation. He quotes the biblical scriptures but that was not the problem. The problem is that during the telling the movie shows evolution as the creation process. Personally I see absolutely no problem with this and it seems quite logical. This universe comes from seemingly nothingness already so what is the problem with a deity using science with his magic. I see no problem whatsoever with this at all. It actually adds to the film and takes nothing away from it. Here is the scene so you can decide for yourself.

The story of Noah is as old as time itself, considering the flood killed Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins). This film actually include some of The Garden of Eden for some back story and continuity. We even see what scenes that shows Methuselah running for his life from Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone / Finn Wittrock) as the war chief looked to gain more and more minerals for his conquests. We even get to see how fallen angles were punish, the reason why and how they redeem themselves. I am sure the Xians just loved that scene where Magog (Mark Margolis) and Samyaza (Nick Nolte) helped Noah and his family.

We do know that the film takes artistic license but it is great in extrapolating what events may have happened. We also see why Noah is so distraught and sometimes seems so evil. He is driven to make sure that arc is built. At first he believes that he and his wife Naameh (Jennifer Connelly) have been chosen to replenish the earth with his sons Ham (Logan Lerman) and Shem (Douglas Booth). He believes that God will give all that is needed to see this done. As time goes on his view on this changes as he finds that his adopted daughter Ila (Emma Watson) is barren and there is no mate for his other son. It is only through the meddling of Methuselah and Naameh that this all changes.

This film is really good and worth seeing no matter what your religious convictions might be. Russell Crowe is excellent as Noah and it is good to see Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson again in such iconic roles. This film will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch the story of creation and its end of the world destruction with the massive flood. The director and the special effects team have outdone themselves withy this film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆